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Wheel of Radical Affection

Premiered 11th of June 2021, Cyprus 

An orbit around a field of dynamic synergy. Collective pulses as a common ground re-shaping matter in the body whilst inquiring what pulses in & in-between us. Meeting states of vitality as a form of resistance in an attempt to lubricate dried dreams & tune into every form of transformative domain. The image landscape shifts as people weave friction reality & fiction, mobilizing an archive of images, experiences & sensations that modulate & re-build the phenomenon of “now”. Challenging edges of participation, while updating the relations present in the space [ visible & invisible]. 


Direction: Rafaela Sahyoun [both in presence & remote] 

Performers & Collaborators: Andrea Aguado Martin, Anna Kuszarecka, Auguste, Bente Bulens, Ester 
Machado, Francisca Alves, Giovana Sanchez, Maria Costa, Rita Gaspar, Tocas 

Creation assistants & collab: Francisca Alves & Tocas 

Rehearsal assistants: Francisca Alves, Flore Muuse, Inês Galrão, Tocas 

Artistic collab: Inês Galrão 

Thanks to: Sevim Akpinar, Lloyd Miles & Barlas Sahinoglu 


Produced by PERA School of Performing Arts - GAU 


*I do not own the rights to this music in this trailer


video by @beazkreatif & @mehmet_kozal

editing Barlas Sahinoglu


Premiered 8th January 2021 at 20:00 GMT+2 (Livestreamed on PERA’s Youtube Channel)


VAWM is resonating vibrational frequencies, the radiation of inner and outer beats. An oscillatory system of constant transformations, the passage of time through a shared pulse. What brings us together?


VAWM; created for PERA - School of Performing Arts - GAU 




Direction & Choreography : Rafaela Sahyoun

Direction Assistance : Inês Galrão

Co-Creation : Rafaela Sahyoun & Barlas Sahinoglu

Editing: Barlas Sahinoglu

Video Direction: Barlas Sahinoglu

Music : Bruna Lucchesi

Design Collaboration : Tomas Faria

Costume Colloration: Tela Studio SP


Performers: Andreia Soares, Bruna Lucchesi, Catarina Borges, Francisca Alves, Inês Galrão, Inês Gonfer, Marta Ferreria, Rita Fiúza, Rafaela Silva 


Filmed remotely between Brazil, Cyprus , Portugal & Switzerland by performers & their families during the Covid19 pandemic.



Estreia 5.12.2020 Festival El Cruce, Rosário


NINGUEMMESOLTA [DON'T LOSE ME ]  Trilogy [Part III] Solo Edition | 

Performed at Festival El Cruce. Rosário, Argentina 2020

Produced through a virtual residency between Brazil and Germany

Direction | Rafaela Sahyoun

Co-Direction | Manoela Rangel

Co- Creation | Manoela Rangel, Inês Galrão,  Marta Ruszkowska, Rafaela Sahyoun

Performance | Marta Ruszkowska

Filmakers | Zé de Paiva, Kathleen kunath

Artistic Collaboration | Fred Reichel,  Rodrigo Guima, Tomas Faria



Estreia 17,18 de Setembro 2020  Localize Festival, Potsdam - Germany 2020

Produced through a virtual residency between Brazil and Germany and performed onsite at the festival in Potsdam, Germany

Creation & Direction

Rafaela Sahyoun

Assistant Manoela Rangel ( Br)

Assistant collaborator Inês Galrão (PT)
Music and Experience Design Rodrigo Guima (Br)

Proponent & Executive producer Viviane Tabach (Br)


A Casa Aberta


collective EDITION 

Centro Cultural São Paulo - CCSP 2019

Creation & Direction

Rafaela Sahyoun


Artur Hyroyuki, Daniela de Moraes Rafaela Sahyoun, Rodrigo Guima, Tomas Faria

Music and Experience Design

Rodrigo Guima (Br)

Performed by

Artur Hyroyuki, Daniela de Moraes Luana Bezerra, João Rios, Pietro Morgado, Nicole Gomes, Flávio Cardoso, Maurício Alves Rafaela Sahyoun

Filmed by

Christiana Bernardes

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